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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pink Glitter Galore

I posted the other day about making tutus for my precious babies. Well. I did it and they looked great (if that's not conceited to say...)! I was also doubly excited because they loved them. I think.

Sass opened hers first because it was her birthday.

Sass: "What is it?"
Me: "It's a tutu!"
Sass: "I don't like it."
Me: "Okay. Well we'll just put it in your room until you like it."
Sass: "Okay."

I should explain that part of Sass's personality is not liking things until she has time to get used to them. Last year, I got her books for her birthday (because her favorite thing was reading), and she threw them down and told me she didn't want them. Now Purplicious is her favorite book.

Princess: "Oh Miss Mica. I like it!"
Me: "Good! I'm so glad!"
Princess: "What do you do with it?"
Me: "You wear it. Like a ballerina."
Princess: "Oh. Cool."

So, to be honest, at first I was bummed because I thought they didn't like the tutus, but Princess wore hers for two solid hours, and Sass kept hers on for over an hour. Mission accomplished.

Also, to make it that much better, the pink tulle spreads glitter like crazy. So their mothers have that to look forward to. Ha.

*I said I would have pictures, but I need to find my camera cord to make that happen.

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  1. I need to see pictures of those precious girls!!