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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Being Mad

I didn't post yesterday because Sass had a doctor's appointment that was rescheduled last minute.

Sass was having a bad day today. It was not as bad as other bad days we've had though, so that's good. Anyway, we had a conversation about making good decisions and being a good girl because that's what Jesus would want. Specifically, we had a talk about being nice to each other.

My conversation clearly didn't work because Princess's mom came and had a talk with Sass (Sass's mom was on a conference call). After he conversation with Princess's mom, Sass was pouty and wouldn't come out of her room for a good twenty minutes. When she did, I was trying to talk to her.

Me: "Sass, I'm glad you came out to play with us!"
Sass: "Miss Mica, I don't really want to talk to you right now."
Me: "Oh? Why not?"
Sass: "I'm mad at you."
Me: "Why?"
Sass: "You told me I had to be a nice girl."
Me: "Okay."

By the time I left twenty minutes later, Sass wouldn't stop talking but it made me laugh so much that she even said that.

That's my precious girl. Haha.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pink Glitter Galore

I posted the other day about making tutus for my precious babies. Well. I did it and they looked great (if that's not conceited to say...)! I was also doubly excited because they loved them. I think.

Sass opened hers first because it was her birthday.

Sass: "What is it?"
Me: "It's a tutu!"
Sass: "I don't like it."
Me: "Okay. Well we'll just put it in your room until you like it."
Sass: "Okay."

I should explain that part of Sass's personality is not liking things until she has time to get used to them. Last year, I got her books for her birthday (because her favorite thing was reading), and she threw them down and told me she didn't want them. Now Purplicious is her favorite book.

Princess: "Oh Miss Mica. I like it!"
Me: "Good! I'm so glad!"
Princess: "What do you do with it?"
Me: "You wear it. Like a ballerina."
Princess: "Oh. Cool."

So, to be honest, at first I was bummed because I thought they didn't like the tutus, but Princess wore hers for two solid hours, and Sass kept hers on for over an hour. Mission accomplished.

Also, to make it that much better, the pink tulle spreads glitter like crazy. So their mothers have that to look forward to. Ha.

*I said I would have pictures, but I need to find my camera cord to make that happen.

Friday, July 23, 2010


My apologies for this being a late post, but I was so so so sick yesterday. I even got teased by Princess for being a "potty-head" because I had to run to the bathroom so many times. I know, the insult hurts me down deep in my heart too. I'll get over it. I hope.

Anyway, before I kind of zoned out and simply made sure they weren't just killing each other or themselves, Sass decided to let me in on a little secret.

Sass: "Miss Mica. We're twins."
Me: "Oh. You and Princess?"
Sass: "No. Me and You and Princess."
Me: "Oh. Cool."

I'm sure you can understand my confusion if you read my post from Wednesday. Besides the fact that it's a little ebony/ivory twin-ship going on, there's a slight (21-10-7) age difference going on as well.

Monday is Sass's birthday and I'm making both the girls tutus. Expect pictures on the next post.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well. This conversation is a throwback to one that Sass and I had a million and one times last year and didn't have this year...until today.

She's really interested in my family because she's never met them. She asks me a ton of questions about my mom and dad, but she's really intrigued that I have a big brother because she only has a little brother.

Sass: "Miss Mica. What color are your brother's eyes?"
Me: "They're brown, but a little bit lighter brown than yours."
Sass: "What color is his hair?"
Me: "It's brown, but a little bit lighter than yours."

I should probably go ahead and mention that she and Princess are both African-American, therefore much darker than my "peaches and creme" (ahem, ghostly white) complexion.

Sass: Holding her arm up to mine. "What color is his skin?"
Me: "Well, he's tanner than me, but still close to my color."
Sass: "If he's tanner than you, is he my color?"
Me: "Well, no. He's still white, but he's darker than me."
Sass: "No. If his skin is my color and his eyes are my color, he looks like me."

While this is superior reasoning, we still have to have conversations about my brother looking like me, but just a little bit darker.

Things in the conversation got a lot dicier when I tried to explain that I have foreign-exchange sister.

Sass: "But Miss Mica, you don't have a sister."
Me: "Well, not technically, but I love her like my sister. And she lived with my family."
Sass: "But I love Princess, and she's not my sister."
Me: "I know, but my family kind of adopted her."
Sass: "How old is she?"
Me: "Well. Too old to be adopted, but my family loves her."
Sass: "That doesn't make her your sister."

Again, touche on the reasoning skills, but still.

All in all, it was a really great day and the girls were a lot of fun today.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Here's the honest truth: because Thursday was a worse repeat of Tuesday, I didn't post about it. I didn't have the heart or energy to.

Today I got an apology (unprompted!) from Sass. It was so sweet.
Sass: "Miss Mica. When I used stupid words last week, that was mean."
Me: "Yes it was."
Sass: "But now we're going to use nice words. I'm going to use nice words."
Me: "Well thank you, Sass. I really like your attitude and that's good to hear."
Sass: "You're welcome."

Apparently, Sass's mom decided to combat our little situation by only allowing teasing to happen if you use fruits or animals. I know it sounds silly, but it makes the girls think in order to tease someone.

So Sass, Princess, and I were playing babies in the hallway when my baby started crying (don't blame me, they gave me the electronic baby). Sass didn't really like that and told me to "make that baby be quiet."
Me: "Sass, I'm trying. I don't know how to turn it off!"
Princess: "Well try harder! It's so loud."
Sass: "Miss Mica, you need to turn that off."
Me: "Still trying."
Sass: "Miss Mica, if you can't turn it off, you're a strawberry."
Princess: "You're a strawberry." (In that sing-song teasing voice. You know the one.)
Me: "Okay. Now think of an animal."
Princess: "Umm. You're a...cotton?"
Me: "Princess, cotton is not an animal."
Sass: "You're a duck."

This went on for quite a while until the baby stopped crying. Finally. So as I was walking out the door today, Sass yells out: "SEE YOU LATER MISS STRAWBERRY DUCK!"

Love you too Sass, love you too.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's all about the learning

Yesterday was a horrible day of epic proportions, but today was infinitely better!

Sass went back to her perfect self and Princess kept talking my ears off, so all was well.

I did, however, learn that the girls actually listen to what to I say, as per this conversation at lunch time:

Princess: "Miss Mica, remember that time you told Sass to choose nice words?"
Me: "You mean yesterday? Yeah, I remember."
Princess: "Oh. That's good that you told her that because she's choosing good words now."
Sass: "But why do we do that?"
Me: "Because we want people to know we're nice, and we want them to feel loved."
Sass: "But what if I don't want them to feel loved?"
Me: "Then it's better not to say a word. That way, we don't hurt anyone's feelings."
Sass: "Oh."

The conversation changed topics for about ten more minutes, and then this happened:

Me: "Sass, you want to play with me and Princess since you're done eating?"
Sass: "Yeah. I want to play with Princess."
Me: "But not me?"
Sass: "I'm not saying anything. That's nicer."

Oh good, thanks for that.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Choosing Nice Words

I'm officially a slacker. I haven't updated in two weeks and I told you guys it would only be one. My bad. But in my defense, we really didn't have any stellar conversations last week. We talked a lot about camp and school, so yeah.

I don't know what's going on with Sass, but I think maybe school made her angry this morning. First of all, did everyone know that Tuesdays are Meatball sub day at Subway? No, I do not eat the meatball sub every Tuesday, but Sass does. And today she scarfed that sucker down. So. Fast. Usually it's like pulling teeth to get her to eat in a timely fashion. After she finished lunch, Princess showed up.

All Hades broke loose after that. I wish I were kidding. Both the girls were screaming, throwing fits, Sass wouldn't keep her clothes on. It was a madhouse. Have I mentioned that both their moms work from home? Yeah, I went out in the main end of the house to check on how loud we were and both moms had headphones on...Oops?

Regardless, gum usually works to calm Sass down, so I gave her some Orbit Sweet Mint (because that's what was in my purse). Did not work. At all.
So this delightful conversation ensued:

Princess was incessantly laughing the whole time, which really worked against what I was saying.
Sass: "I hate you."
Me: "Let's choose nice words."
Sass: "I'm going to kick your @$$."
(All I could think of was this YouTube video...)
Me: "We do not say things like that. Jesus would not be proud of what you're saying."
Sass: "Fine. I'm gonna kick your face."
Me: "Sass, no one will play with you if you choose bad words like that."
Sass: "Yes they will. You better shut your crack mouth."

This went on for a good thirty minutes during which I attempted to put her in time out, but really how well can you punish an eleven year old Autistic child? Not well.

Me: "Sass, you're hurting my feelings and I will not play with you until you're nice again."
Sass: "Okay Miss Mica. I'm sorry. I won't hurt your feelings anymore. I will choose nice words and keep my clothes on."

This concession happened three minutes before I had to leave. Naturally.

I would also like to throw in that I don't know where she heard that said. Especially the part about the "crack mouth." I'm still not sure if she meant crack like the drug or crack like my mouth was cracked. Either way, it was hard not to laugh.

On days like these, I remember why they're called "special needs" kids.