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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pictures...A Little Late

I found my camera cord, so here we are!

This is Sass and Princess dancing in their tutus. Sass has her back turned, Princess is giggling.
Now opposite. You can kind of see Princess twirling in this one.
This is what the tutus looked like before they were packed. Excuse my foot. I just saw it.
For reasons I can't really explain, I love this picture. It's just so perfectly my girls. Princess has no idea what's going on and is laughing and Sass is legitimately angry. Perfection.

This is (kind of) it.

Well, I have most certainly been a failure at keeping a summer blog. My apologies about that. But, my girls were just so great this whole summer. They kept me in stitches or ready to pull my hair out all the time. Today was amazing because the girls refused to say today was my last day and pretended I'd be back tomorrow. They also got me a really (gaudy) pretty necklace that I will wear loud and proud simply because I love them so so so much. Instead of writing about the day in detail, I'm going to give a synopsis of the place I spent my summer.
  • Where being twins doesn't depend on age, race, or having more than two of you.
  • Where wearing pink everyday is accepted, and often encouraged.
  • Where sass is not intended to anger you, but more a way of life.
  • Where being a princess is an everyday thing, royal birth or not.
  • Where baby dolls have their own thoughts.
  • Where those thoughts are expressed out loud and often require responses.
  • Where the question "Why are you wearing that shirt Miss Mica?" often denotes that you should wear a different shirt because the one you're wearing is ugly.
  • Where being best friends is solidified by holding hands.
  • Where "I love you" can either mean: "I love you," "Don't be mad about what I'm about to do," or "Don't be mad about what I just did."
  • Where meatball subs and fish sticks are the lunch de jour. Every de jour. (I ate at home...)
  • Where tutus are all it takes to make you a ballerina.
  • Where "I like your headband" means "let me wear that for the day."
  • Where a goodbye present from me consists of BBQ chips, a King-size Kit-Kat, and matching Princess Silly Bands for all three of us.
  • Where it's not acceptable to be angry for more than two minutes and the punishment for most offenses is tickling.
  • But most of all, where the most common language spoken is love and appreciation with a side of hugs and occasional kisses.
I love my baby girls, and I have been given a standing invitation to come over for a birthday party for Elmo. You bet I'll be there.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daddy's Girls...Kind of

I don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but the reason we're at Princess's house instead of Sass's house is that Sass's dad moved into temporarily to help calm her down in the early mornings and late evenings. It's kind of a jolt to Sass's system because she likes routine and despises change. This was the beauty of the conversation we had today.

Sass: "Miss Mica. What does your dad do to you?"
Me: "Well, I don't know what you mean, but my dad and I watch movies, play games, talk, we do a lot of stuff together."
Sass: "Oh."
Me: "What do you do with your dad?"
Princess: "My dad spanks me like this..." (while imitating how she gets spanked) "...because I don't listen."
Sass: "My dad does too because he gets mad when I yell and kick."
Me: "Oh. When I was younger my dad spanked me for not listening too."
Sass: "What does he do now?"
Me: "Well, he loves me and we're friends because I listen to my parents now."
Princess: "Oh. Oh well."

Ah. Adolescent relationships to parents.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Potty Mouth

Because it is 9 billion degrees in North Texas right now, everyone is being sure to drink more than enough water. Which consequently leads guessed, more than enough bathroom time for everyone.

Myself included. I had to use the potty at Princess's house (for the first time, since today is the second day there). Princess didn't really like the thought of me taking a break for two milliseconds in order to expel the excess liquid in my body.

As she pounds on the locked door (thank God I remembered to lock it):
Princess: "Miss Mica. Are you in there?"
Me: "Yes. You just saw me come in here. I'm in here."
Still pounding:
Princess: "Miss Mica. Are you done yet?"
Me: "I just have to wash my hands real quick."
Sass's Mom: "Princess, back away from the door and let Miss Mica pee in peace."

I, however, was not the only one to feel the pains, er strains, of excess water.
While Sass was in the bathroom she felt the need to call me in there.
Me: "Sass, can I help you?"
Sass: "No. I'm done. I just need to wash my hands."
Me: "Oh. Okay."

Princess needed to go one half second after Sass got out of the potty, and this ensued:
Princess: "Miss Mica."
Me: "Yes?"
Princess: "Oh, I don't need anything. I just wanted you to check on me like you did Sass."
Me: "Okay. Consider this me checking on you."
Princess: "Okay."

Today was eventful.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seeing Spots

Because of some unforseen events, we have switched locations from Sass's house to Princess's house. You know what that means? All princess games all the time. Including princess doctor. I know, I used to play it too, but now I'm sorry for everything I put my parents through while playing it.

Princess, naturally, was the doctor during this particular visit and Sass was the nurse.

Princess: "Miss Mica. Why you got so many spots on yours arms?"
Me: "Oh. Those are my freckles."
Princess: "Gross. Why you got so many?"
Me: "That's the way God made me."
Princess: "I'm sorry he gave you so many spots. You need shots for your spots."

After saying this, she took her infant Motrin dispensers and promptly gave me "shots" in all 700 freckles on my arms. Thanks for that Princess.