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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Potty Mouth

Because it is 9 billion degrees in North Texas right now, everyone is being sure to drink more than enough water. Which consequently leads guessed, more than enough bathroom time for everyone.

Myself included. I had to use the potty at Princess's house (for the first time, since today is the second day there). Princess didn't really like the thought of me taking a break for two milliseconds in order to expel the excess liquid in my body.

As she pounds on the locked door (thank God I remembered to lock it):
Princess: "Miss Mica. Are you in there?"
Me: "Yes. You just saw me come in here. I'm in here."
Still pounding:
Princess: "Miss Mica. Are you done yet?"
Me: "I just have to wash my hands real quick."
Sass's Mom: "Princess, back away from the door and let Miss Mica pee in peace."

I, however, was not the only one to feel the pains, er strains, of excess water.
While Sass was in the bathroom she felt the need to call me in there.
Me: "Sass, can I help you?"
Sass: "No. I'm done. I just need to wash my hands."
Me: "Oh. Okay."

Princess needed to go one half second after Sass got out of the potty, and this ensued:
Princess: "Miss Mica."
Me: "Yes?"
Princess: "Oh, I don't need anything. I just wanted you to check on me like you did Sass."
Me: "Okay. Consider this me checking on you."
Princess: "Okay."

Today was eventful.

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