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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seeing Spots

Because of some unforseen events, we have switched locations from Sass's house to Princess's house. You know what that means? All princess games all the time. Including princess doctor. I know, I used to play it too, but now I'm sorry for everything I put my parents through while playing it.

Princess, naturally, was the doctor during this particular visit and Sass was the nurse.

Princess: "Miss Mica. Why you got so many spots on yours arms?"
Me: "Oh. Those are my freckles."
Princess: "Gross. Why you got so many?"
Me: "That's the way God made me."
Princess: "I'm sorry he gave you so many spots. You need shots for your spots."

After saying this, she took her infant Motrin dispensers and promptly gave me "shots" in all 700 freckles on my arms. Thanks for that Princess.


  1. princess doctor. lol. we play superhero aliens alot. or spaceman or woody and random girl. the boy is older and in CHARGE (at least of group playtime decisions) can you tell?

  2. Oh man. We tried to play other games (you know, the kind that don't revolve around princesses), and it was horrible. Both the girls were like "I want to be a princess indian and a princess cowboy." Ha.

  3. I was one of those princess people : ) haha